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Black Lake, New York

View of Black Lake, NY

St. Lawrence County's largest lake.
Black Lake is one of the most widely known fishing and vacation spots in New York State. Black Lake is a natural lake that encompasses an area of almost 11,000 acres, stretching over 20 miles and is hardly what anyone would call pressured. Located amidst the huge pre-glacial rocks of St. Lawrence County. About 4 miles across at its widest point, the lake is filled with many underwater shoals and picturesque, rugged rocky islands similar to those found only in the northern-most reaches of Canada. It is a beautiful place indeed. A visitor can sit and view a picturesque waterway from lofty shores if for no other reason than to relax and get away from it all. But natural splender is only one of the many wonders offered here. The lake is fed primarily by the Indian River and Fish Creek and after flowing through a river like outlet, over 20 miles to the north, empties into the Oswegatchie River where it flows over an Eel Weir Dam and ultimately joins the St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg.
        Thousands of anglers, both young and old, travel to the shores of Black Lake every year. While some anglers are generally busy filling their coolers with Perch, Bluegill and Crappie; others are challenged to land trophy size Northern Pike in the 10 to 15 pound range, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass (5lb bucketmouths are commonplace here), Walleye, Catfish and monsterous Muskie while being observed by one of nature's most efficient fishermen, the Great Blue Heron. The angler has his choice of literally hundreds of prime fishing spots---so many that seclusion is the rule rather than the exception. From early May thru ice over the fishing is great. The angler can take advantage of high quality fishing in relative unspoiled and often scenic settings. At anytime, you will find the pure fresh air very invigorating. The days are rarely too warm and the nights are cool and refreshing. In the spring, after the ice goes out, the shoreline lanterns and campfires of the Bullhead fisherman light up the evening sky. There is Crappie action here that is unrivaled elsewhere. Anglers have proven that Black Lake Crappie action is second to none in the Northeast U.S. for sheer numbers of fish. But this great action does not preclude the fact that 10 to 13 inch Perch and 3/4 pound Bluegills are very common catches from docks as well as boats. There is something for everyone to catch in Black Lake.
        The setting is one of serenity and peace. Many times the urge to just absorb the devine quiet can overcome the desire to fish. But, the fish are still around in abundance, should the renewed urge to cast a line come back to you. Now don't lull yourself to sleep! Just about the time that happens, there are big fish in this lake that will scare the daylights out of you with their vicious topwater strikes. If you have the occasion to frequent the backwaters, you may observe a 3 or 4 foot long Gar-pike or a 20 pound Catfish cruising the shallows. Now these critters are not gamefish, but boy, what fighters. Black Lake is a grand place and is truly
"A Freshwater Fisherman's Paradise"


Black Lake, often referred to as "Nature's Fish Hatchery", is the largest and most diverse of the many Indian River lakes. Over 60 miles of shoreline combined with numerous islands, offers the angler all kinds of ideal fish habitats from rocky points and shoals, sandbars, weedbeds, shallows and deep water, up to 40 feet. Ever changing winds thoroughly mix the water to provide a highly dissolved oxygen content which support all of the lakes lifeforms at peak levels. When coupled with an abundant food supply and the fact that Black Lake is relatively shallow and warm, conditions are right for an almost super-normal development of warm water game and panfish. Large bays which support dense weed growths provide subsequent shelter for the annual hatch of growing fish fry. Black Lake is completely void of industry. This explains the clear, unpolluted water which provides the angler with an incredible fishery that the lake is and will continue to be. Black Lake has NO fish consumption advisories as found in so many other waterways. Black Lake thus affords all the right conditions for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye Pike, Crappie, Perch, Sunfish, Muskie, Bullhead, Bluegill, Catfish and many other toothy critters.
BLACK LAKE is quite literally a virtual Fish Factory.

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Northern Pike and Walleye
season opens 1st Saturday in May.

Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Muskie
season opens 3rd Saturday in June.

Where to go, What to do.
         There is an ample supply of first rate facilities on Black Lake catering to the anglers every need. Excellent family run motels, campgrounds and cabin/cottage complexes, with all the modern conveniences, are located along the lake shore. You will find them to be very reasonably priced and many of them are listed on the lodging page of this site. Most of them offer boat and/or motor rentals. They are equipped with fish cleaning facilities and offer freezer space for the preservation of your cleaned catch. A free state maintained boat launching site and several public and private launches provide access for the fisherman or woman. There are a number of public areas available for fishing from the shore.
        Located in the Village of Edwardsville, at the intersection of Black Lake Road and NY State route 58, is the Edwardsville Grocery, a full-line grocery store with full deli, custom cut meats & poultry as well as souvenirs & gifts and a complete line of bait & tackle, and the Breez-In convenience store. Both stores selling gasoline, beer, subs, pizza, video rentals and the little things you forgot to bring. A marine repair shop, an information booth, the Black Lake Mini-Golf, the Log Cabin bait/tackle, souvenir/gift shop, the Oasis restaurant and a couple of taverns are all located along Black Lake Road.

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Read what Fish and Game Finder Magazine
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Read what Fish and Game Finder Magazine has to say about Black Lake

Getting There Is Easy
        Traveling north on New York Interstate 81 exit at LaFargeville {Exit 49, Milemarker 169}. Turn right on NY State Route 411 and follow to NY State Route 37 {Red Caution Light}. Turn left on Route 37 and follow 18 miles to the Amber Caution Light in the Village of Hammond. Turn right, on Lake Street, and follow a few miles to the shoreline of Black Lake and the lodging of your choice.


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